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Paint Filling Solution

Our machines are the most practical and flexible solution to package any kind of nail polish or painting product. Our machines are known for their simplicity, speed and are easy to clean. But above all, our machines are resistant and made of high quality materials in order to fill paints into the packaging type you desire. We offer specific gaskets resistant to any kind of chemical treatment. The dosing machine is designed to be incredibly accurate and does not waste product.

Paint Filling Solution

Types of Paints Our Machines Can Fill

Let LANDPACK conceptualize and build a customized paint filling/packing machine for your fluid or viscous products:







A leading paint filling machine manufacturer, LANDPACK designs and engineers filling equipment for paint and related products. No matter what size pail or container you need to fill, we can provide the right machine to fill and cap your containers in the most efficient manner. Our extensive experience in handling all types of liquids — including special applications such as explosive liquids — combines with our ability to manufacture high-quality filler/cappers to make LANDPACK a standout company in the paint and related products industry.

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