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Nails, screw, hardware filling machine

Feb. 22, 2021

The hardware filling machine, is major for Hardware Parts, like nails and screw.etc, filling into boxing, automatic feeding, measuring, filling, outputing, high accuracy. Suitable for mass production and packaging, assembly line work, improve work efficiency and output.

Have the vibrate function, can make the hardware being tidy and in order.

Weigher is specially for hardware--panel thickening. The standard one is in 1.2mm for the panel of whole set of weigher, for general products. The specical weigher for hardware is in 2mm panel thickness. More stronger and durable for hardware packing.

Silica gel of the contact part is an option, to reduce noise, making the whole packing line in quiet operation

Weight detector is an option, can make the weight in high accuracy, under 1%.

Nails, screw, hardware filling machine

Nails, screw, hardware filling machine

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